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No matter the size, every business should have someone to assist them in navigating the deep waters of intellectual property law. As a full-service law firm, our team addresses intellectual property matters in many of its business and governmental transactions. Apart from patent filings, which we coordinate with outside counsel on behalf of our clients, our office is able to address your intellectual property needs. It is important for every business to secure and protect its own intellectual property and to ensure it does not infringe the intellectual property of others.
Our team works closely with clients to protect their intellectual property. Many other practice areas overlap with that of intellectual property. For example: (1) our employment law group protects trade secrets and works to ensure technology developed by employees is owned by the company; (2) our corporate and mergers and acquisitions groups helps ensure the proper transition of intellectual property rights during business transactions; and (3) our litigation group pursues infringement and breach of contract claims. In addition, we regularly pursue trademark registrations at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Trademarks: Protecting the image of a company is essential to its long term success. Often, that image is linked directly to the business name, brand, slogan, or logo. In order to become truly distinguishable, organizations today must establish marks that serve as a unique identifier. Our intellectual property group works with you to establish and protect those marks. This process includes addressing, among other things, the following:

• Name, Brand, and Logo Evaluation

• Trademark Registration

• Trademark Defense and Maintenance
• Licensing and Coexistence Arrangements

• False Advertising

• Infringement Analysis

Copyright Law: Our intellectual property group helps clients register and protect copyrights across all types of work. We also assist clients in arranging for proper use of copyright protected works. This process includes addressing, among other things, the following:

• Online and Website Copyright Assessments

• Copyright Registration

• Copyright Licensing

• Ownership Assessment

Patents: Our office works with outside counsel for filing and prosecuting patents. Apart from that, we regularly assist clients with their patent licensing needs.

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